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Overview of the radiator market.

Car radiator – an important element of the cooling system, and its performance depends on the performance and serviceability of the car. The Russian market of car radiators, according to most professionals, until recently developed quite intensively. This, at first, was due to the development of automobile assembly. Since the radiators – it is one of the most localized items, among a huge number of automotive components that are supplied to the assembly line. In general, radiators are supplied to retailers and car service centers. As noted above, the more common material in the manufacture of automotive radiators for water cooling systems is aluminum. This is justified by the fact that, first, dural auto radiators are very light, and their price is significantly lower than that of their copper counterparts. But they have the lowest thermal conductivity and are prone to corrosion. Copper auto radiator, on the contrary, based on the conviction of the technical features has several advantages. This is the highest resistance to corrosion, the highest efficiency and, of course, the highest thermal conductivity. Copper radiator is also stronger and more durable. But one of their flaws – highest price. Necessary factors responsible for efficient operation are the design features and construction of the radiator. In the vast majority of cases, cars are installed liquid radiators: Here the liquid circulates in a closed loop, thus cooling the cylinder walls and removes heat from the engine parts. If we consider the design of radiators, they are divided into the following types: tubular and soldered. The round-tube version is a unit assembled from panels with round dural tubes strung on them. The main advantage SETRI from Finnish to English of such a unit is its low cost due to the low cost of production. Accordingly, its disadvantages include low strength, small heat transfer surface and the need for quality gaskets. In turn, radiators with rounded tubes have a number of advantages in operation. Thanks to the rounded cut, the heat exchange area increases. But they, too, have low durability and require the highest quality gaskets. Welded radiators are characterized by the highest durability and heat dissipation. But all this affects the cost of. The market for car radiators in the Russian Federation is currently saturated with offers. Here it is clear several brands that have firmly established their place under the sun. The fight for the client deployed serious, so the analytics department of our magazine decided to find out how things are in the retail market for car radiators at the moment. Radiators can be considered conditionally available units, their repair some car owners do without assistance in the garage criteria, but in the vast majority of all the same, repair, replacement of defective radiator – the prerogative of professional service.

How the study was conducted The second method of research by the analytics department of our publication has not undergone any significant configurations. For the study and the properties of the market of car radiators three favorite passenger cars in Russia were taken. The Russian sector is represented by «people’s sedan» Lada Priora. Proposals for foreign models studied on the example of the Ford Focus-II – a model that for a long time held the title of best-selling foreign cars in Russia, as well as another blockbuster Russian market – KIA Rio. All cars are represented by two thousand and ten.в. The data were obtained from open sources, offers from online stores, and a telephone survey of retail stores. The results of the study reveal a very fascinating picture. It turns out that the Russian sector of radiators is quite strong «monopolized by» by several manufacturers (for more details see. Lada Priora section), although many models are suitable for this model. But the foreign sector, as usual, is characterized by the highest level of competition between different brands of radiators. The offer in this part turned out to be quite rich. But it is worth noting that the supply of radiators for the Ford Focus model is more extensive than that of the Korean car. We should also note the wide range of prices. And here’s another fascinating observation: within the sector offers for foreign cars, the price range of radiators is very significant. But it is also worth seeing that their foreign counterparts, although almost always more expensive than Russian, but on some items their prices are comparable.

Lada Priora Offer for Lada Priora includes both products of Russian manufacturers and foreign analogues. Unlike other parts, parts and units for this Russian car, the competition here is quite intense – for the place «under the sun» There are ten and a half manufacturers beating here. In the nomenclature of the Internet stores and outlets we surveyed, there are usually 4-5 models. In general, most outlets have the Russian original Lada 21701301012. This fact also distinguishes the sector radiators, in comparison with other sectors, for example, shock absorbers, where there were more foreign models of the leading global car brands. But the most common in this sector of the market is a radiator brand Luzar. It has the highest coverage (above 87%). Only a little behind are the products of the Danish brand Nissens. Somewhat less represented are the foreign brands Termal, Finord, Fenox, Kroner, etc. Of the other Russian models of radiators can be named products DAAZ, «Pramo» (г.Rzhev).

As for price competition, the situation is even. Only one radiator has the highest price – Nissens (3973 rubles).). This is the highest price sector. This price level is actually twice the average price offer on the Russian car radiator market. The main supply from most manufacturers is in the range of one thousand seven hundred and fifty three – two 480 rub. For all that, the unique Lada radiator is positioned in this corridor as a mid-range offer – one thousand nine hundred and fifteen rubles. Radiators of Dimitrovgrad Automobile Unit Plant (DAAZ) and Asian radiators Termal have the lowest price offer of 1753-1840 rubles.

Ford Focus The offer for this popular car turned out to be the biggest. We have discerned eighteen positions. Although in some places, the supply for this model numbered more than two dozen radiators. This indicates quite high competition between the brands. A unique Ford radiator is only in the 3rd place by representation, and in most cases, traders offer radiators Fenox and AVA. Behr-Hella, NRF, Dominant, Termal, Valeo and others are also very well represented in the network. At the other pole – Magneti-Marelli and Asian radiators Tanaki, Nakamoto, also Aks-Dasis, Klokkerholm, MV-Parts. Luzar, a Russian favorite on this market, is also well represented. The absolute price favorite (12,830,5 rub.) on this market of radiators Magneti-Marelli products, their offer is five times cheaper than the cheapest radiator Vite for Ford Focus-II (2,600 sixty-four rubles.). In second place is the original from Ford (10 eight hundred and ten rubles.) which can be installed on the Ford C-Max model as well. A little behind is an offer from Klokkenholm (eight nine hundred and ninety rubles.) and Valeo (7 100 40 four rubles.). The main supply is in the range from a little less than three thousand. RUR. Up to 5,500. This is a massive sector offering for Ford Focus from companies like Luzar, Nissens, Sakura and many others.

KIA Rio In the case of the Korean blockbuster competition between manufacturers of radiators is not as intense as in the case of Ford, but to say that there is no, it would be unjustified. There is competitiveness in the main sector of non-original. The fact is that the unique Hyundai-KIA radiator is in a somewhat detached position, the cost «native» of the radiator is twice as different from the nearest competitor’s peer model. Apparently, the highest price of the radiator has an impact on the degree of representation. It is the smallest among the 3 studied cars, it could be found only in 62% of the points studied. In general, the search for models of radiators such brands as Wan Wesel, Frig Air, NT may be delayed, they act for this model outsiders. In most cases, at retail you can buy for KIA Rio radiators from manufacturers such as Behr-Hella, AVA, SAT, Nissens, Fenox. Other brands, according to our research, are less common. As for price competition, it is also conditioned by price «corridor» – From four thousand four hundred and seventy five rubles to seven thousand six hundred and eighty two rubles., in other words, a difference of 1.7 times. In the upper price sector, the already well-known radiators Nissens, Wan Wesel, NKF, Behr-Hella (7 ths. RUR. and above). Accordingly, the cheapest radiators in our study were NT, Luzar, Vite, Stellox (up to 5 thousand.). And average values are characterized by SAT, RCL-Radiators, Patron products in the spectrum of 5-6 thousand. RUR.

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