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It is not enough to have professional equipment to get high-quality images. It is also very important for the modern photographer that the equipment is compact, since in the busy work there is hardly an extra minute to assemble. A photo umbrella should be not only reliable, but also convenient, only in this case the process of photography will be a joy.

Masters of their craft use photo umbrellas of various popular models. Among them, there are both expensive and budget options. How to use photo umbrellas, what are they like? About photo umbrellas and will be discussed in this article.

Most photography enthusiasts, professionals and those who list their pictures for sale on specialized sites enjoy working with people and shooting in the portrait genre. Photosets often take place in nature, far from the studio. For shooting outdoors, any professional photographer simply needs to purchase a special reflective white umbrella, and it is also very important to work with flash.

It is worth noting that in addition to white, there are also other colors of umbrellas, for example, golden and silver plated. A photo umbrella is used for transmission and reflection. The silver-plated version is used for reflection, it gives a somewhat harsh light. A Building Materials in Rwanda golden umbrella is used when you want to give your photos a warm light.

In addition, matte photo umbrellas are on sale. They do not reflect that well and are mainly used to diffuse light.

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Softbox umbrella.

A softbox umbrella (a photo umbrella with a black back cover) is often used. For photographing objects with a glossy surface, you should give preference to the softbox. With its help, you can eliminate the glare that spoil the photo. The main difference between a softbox umbrella and a standard photographic umbrella

Plus, if a plastic umbrella gets dirty, it can be easily cleaned, unlike a fabric umbrella. If several people are involved in the shooting, it is best to use a softbox without curtains. An umbrella with curtains is used in cases where it is necessary to clearly control the spread of light. By removing the outer and inner diffuser, you can adjust the hardness of the light. Without a diffuser, the spot of light will become smaller, respectively, the light will become harder.

Makes light soft while maintaining its directionality; Clear direction of light; Wide range of sizes and shapes.

Impressive weight due to the heavy fastening mechanism; High price.

Translucent umbrella.

Used for softer lighting. The translucent umbrella scatters the luminous flux generated by the flash lamp and attenuates it by half. A transparent umbrella can be positioned both close to the object and at a distance, the end result is two completely different lighting conditions. But this only works within the studio, the luminous flux will pass through the umbrella and be reflected on the walls of the room, on the street there is little benefit from such an umbrella, and there is no way to fill in the background light. If there is only one translucent umbrella, you can try to make a softbox out of it by throwing on a cover, but the result, of course, will be worse than with a real softbox.

A regular umbrella for reflection.

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